At Midleton Foot Clinic we are dedicated to bringing you the most advanced treatment available. At Our Pain Clinic, we use the most advanced FDA cleared pain laser available. Research and patient testimonials support this device. Click here for more info.

Why travel to Dublin and beyond for your Pain Laser Therapy when you can have it right here.

Here are some videos of treatments:

  1. Female Patient, 62 years old. Symptoms: Burning, constant pain in elbow for last 2 months, VAS scale 6-9.
  2. Female Patient, 38 years old. Symptoms: Persistent chronic plantar fasciitis.
  3. Male Patient, 57 years old. Symptoms: Bi-lateral hip pain, VAS scale 8.5.
  4. Female Patient, 42 years old. Symptoms: Profound constant numbness. Pins & needles to the right foot for 5 ½ years, VAS scale 8-9.
  5. Male Patient, 58 years old. Symptoms: Lack of grip, tingling of the fingers, pain and stiffness.